How to Get a Swimming Pool Electrical Inspection

swimming pool electrical inspectionThe summer months serve as the very best time to enjoy a pool, largely because it affords all swimmers the opportunity to cool off during the most torrid stretch of the year. One of the few drawbacks here is that both residential and commercial pool owners need to have a swimming pool inspection conducted before this drawing card can be put into use for guests or residents.

For those in commercial industries, like the lodging business, apartment complexes or even municipalities, not getting this task performed diminishes the marketability of an important asset. This issue also requires the need for a swimming pool electrical inspection, since that requirement is what keeps swimmers from experiencing such standard concerns as an ice-cold shock when they jump in a pool.

Licensing, Permits, and Expertise

Regardless of whether or not you have need of a commercial electrician or a residential electrician, that individual that ends up conducting a particular swimming pool electrical inspection has to be officially licensed and have the proper background when it comes to knowing all that’s involved.

Such training isn’t something that a handyman can just read out of a nearby manual or instruction that’s rushed through. Certification only comes after that person passes a state exam, with knowledge of the particular safety code for a jurisdiction something that can vary.

These professionals know that any swimming pool inspection doesn’t begin until a permit is obtained because failure to handle this simple priority will immediately get a pool closed. Water and electricity usually aren’t a good mix, but when either a licensed residential electrician or commercial electrician has the requisite skills to conduct this test, that symmetry helps avoid any compromising of the chemicals in the pool or worse, a tragedy from the possibility of electrocution.

Areas of Inspection

Things like a working filtration system and lighting for a pool need to be in place or else the overall operation might be put in jeopardy. That electrician will have to check out the control panels and wiring to make sure everything is properly in place. All of these areas have to be in full view of the inspector or approval will be impossible.

Also, an assessment needs to be made of all of the surrounding areas to take into account the presence of overhead wires or more contemporary concerns like cell phone towers or wi-fi hotspots. In all, it’s likely that multiple inspections will be required before the passing inspection can be accorded.

The Solid Selection

A pool’s true value is seen by the economic drawbacks for businesses that delay a swimming pool inspection while getting full value from a pool for any homeowner is also put on hold. That’s why it makes sense to use J&B Electrical Services for your swimming pool electrical inspection.

Having immediate access to either a commercial electrician or residential electrician helps expedite the inspection process. So put yourself at ease and contact J&B Electrical Services when you need that work handled.



  • Steven L. Martinez

    It is better to have a safety first inspection especially if in terms of electrical wiring. Thank you for the tips you shared it was very helpful. Great blog!

  • Crew Electricals

    Inspection and renovation are the keys of maintaining a proper swimming pool. I understand your points and why is it important to have someone who is licensed.

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