Finding someone in Duncanville, TX that can handle electrical repairs doesn’t have to be a difficult proposition, especially when there’s a local company available that puts a premium on quality customer service. That’s a good description of our staff at J&B Electrical Services, which has proudly served you and many in the North Texas market for more than two decades.

There may be some who are reluctant to call on a residential electrician because they figure the final bill for electrical repairs will be a steep one. While we can’t promise that every bill will be low, we can assure you that it’ll be a competitive one that guarantees that we don’t tack on needless costs that take hard-earned money out of your wallet.

Handling Your Home Base

The yearly Texas heat might compel you to install a ceiling fan to cool off in the comfort of your home or you might want to save money on your monthly electric bill by installing LED lights. The residential electrician that we send out will do the job efficiently and as quickly as possible, making sure that safety is always at the forefront of their actions. They also handle jobs like:

  • Installation of additional electrical outlets to accommodate new technology
  • Reworking lighting arrangements to give your home a new look
  • Upgrading your breaker box to make sure you’re not overloaded

Keeping Your Company Going

For businesses in Duncanville, J&B can also handle the requirements that come with service as a commercial electrician. We know that businesses are upgrading their look all the time and can’t afford any extended downtime in the event of a power shortage. That’s why we can help when it comes to any changes or repairs connected to signage and are available on a 24-7 basis to keep your business humming.

Some businesses find that they’ve outgrown their current structure or want to add on to what they already have, which is why the value of having a commercial electrician you can trust just a phone call away makes so much sense. Some other important reasons may include:

  • Upgrading security lighting to make your customers feel safer
  • Making the changeover from fluorescent to LED lighting, which will help your bottom line
  • Staying aware of all compliance regulations to avoid the prospect of a shutdown for any violation

Values to Trust

Integrity in business can sometimes be the lifeblood of survival, especially in an area like electrical repairs. That’s why we make it a point at J&B Electrical Services to ensure that customers in Duncanville and elsewhere are treated fairly and with respect. So whether you’re a homeowner in need of a residential electrician or a business seeking to find a commercial electrician they can put their faith in, look no further than J&B Electrical Services. Contact us today by calling (817) 266-5499.


J&B Electrical offers residential and commercial electrical services in Arlington, TX; electrical services in Mansfield, TX; Burleson, TX; and electrical services in Midlothian, TX.