Whether it’s in the garage, basement or mounted on an exterior wall, your breaker box keeps lights on and appliances running. When it malfunctions, you need an experienced electrician on the scene right away. J&B Electrical Services is ready to answer your first call with electrical panel upgrades that improve performance and protect your home from dangerous power overloads.

Understanding Tripped Breakers

Electrical boxes serve as the main distribution center for power to the house, and circuit breakers protect the system from shorts and overheating, so working on your home’s electrical grid is never a DIY project. When a breaker trips, it’s important to understand that the shutdown indicates a problem. The system might be overloaded, or the panel’s components could be wearing out. Most breaker boxes have a mechanical life expectancy of 30 years. Because they play such an important role in home safety, it’s highly advisable to consider replacing older units.

Identifying Electric Panel Problems

Breakers that constantly trip aren’t the only signs of trouble in the breaker box. Flickering lights and appliances that compete for power indicate wiring problems that are often traced back to electrical boxes. If you notice sparking, crackling sounds, or burning odors around plugs and outlets, it’s time to call in our teams. We inspect everything from the main ground wire and branch circuit cables to ground and neutral bus bars, and then we recommend an electrical panel upgrade that ensures your system performs efficiently and safely.

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Still Have a Fuse Box? Upgrade to Circuit Breakers!

If your electricity is still operating off an old fusebox style panel, call J&B Electrical Services for an upgrade. Never worry about having to drive to the store in the middle of the night to replace a burnt fuse again. Circuit breakers simply switch off if the current overloads, protecting your house or building from fire and further electrical damage. Don’t wait for a fuse to blow in the middle of a busy day, call J&B today for a panel upgrade.

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Upgrading Your Future

Problems in the breaker box occur when electricity usage exceeds the panel’s power handling capacity, but an upgrade restores optimal amperage and ensures safe operation. If you’re thinking about installing a hot tub or a larger HVAC unit, our upgrades make sure you have plenty of room to expand. Older electrical wiring results in overheating and melted connections that pose a serious fire hazard. We install quality upgrades that improve appliance performance and give you the peace of mind that comes from having confidence in your home’s electrical system. J&B also provides circuit breaker replacement services.

When it’s time to modernize your personal power grid, we’re here to help with electrical panel upgrades that fit the house and your budget. We inspect all electrical wiring components, assess usage and give you a clear picture of necessary repairs and installations. We handle residential and commercial projects, and we’re always happy to work around your schedule, so give us a call today.