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Any advertisement for a washing machine inevitably includes the mention of a dryer as well. That’s because the two appliances go hand in hand and end up making life easier for anyone whose task it is to make sure that those wet clothes have a machine that can dry them in relatively quick fashion.

The Necessary Components

To make something like that happen requires a dryer plug installation in conjunction with the dryer circuit wiring. That installation will use a 220 dryer plug with a dedicated circuit, which simply means that the dryer will be the lone device that will use it. The 220 is obviously different from the 110 plug that’s used on any number of other appliances.

Within that circuit will be four different wires, three of which are insulated and the other that’s a bare ground wire. The three insulated wires will be used for the breaker panel and can be recognized by their distinctive colors: red, black and white. The wire size is 10 AWG copper, with the red and black wires considered live and focused on the right and left hand side of the circuit, respectively. The live aspect heightens the sense of caution required.

Meanwhile, the white one represents the neutral wire and is geared for the bottom, while the green one will be located at the top as the bare ground wire. It’s important to remember that if the box is metallic, grounding to the electric box needs to take place.

The Tools Used

When residential electrical jobs like these are performed, what usually can be seen by the electrician’s side are tool that include an electric drill, extension cord, auger bits and hand tools that can fit within a pouch.

The Dangers Involved

Given the hazardous potential of such work, the electrician will make sure to turn off the panel’s main circuit once it’s been identified. Then, before any wiring or installation of the circuit breaker commences, that circuit is tagged in order to remain aware of exactly where the main circuit is located.

In some instances, the new 220 dryer may have a four-prong plug, with an outlet set up for the three-prong variety. While those inclined toward DIY projects may perceive such work as being easy to handle, one wrong move with any portion of dryer installation can turn into a catastrophe.

The aforementioned safety issues are notably the most important component of any dryer circuit wiring installation. Yet even if nothing bad occurs, it makes much more sense to get in touch with professional electricians that handle such jobs on a regular, if not daily, basis.

That’s because an attempt to save money on what appears to be an easy step can end up costing much more money when it needs to be repaired. In some cases, the potential for danger may not be immediately apparent, yet could lead to injury or even death down the road should some sport of spark result from a faulty wiring installation.

The Sensible Approach

Once everything is in working order, it allows for the dryer to work with no issues. That can make life a great deal easier for either an individual, family, business or other entity in need of such an appliance.

Choosing to go with J & B Electrical Services is the easiest call to make when this type of service is needed. We’ve been serving the Metroplex area for more than two decades and have developed a customer base that appreciates the fact that we’re available every day around the clock.

In short, we’re a local family-owned firm that employs skilled electricians to do the job right. So make sure when you want to stay safe and get your dryer running to contact J & B for dryer circuit wiring or installation.

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