Why You May Need New Circuit Breakers for Christmas Lights

christmas-lights-circuit-breakerOne of the holiday traditions for many people who celebrate Christmas is the hanging of lights, both within their home and outside. While many offer modest presentations that draw praise from friends and family, others take such projects to another level, which can tax your present electrical setup.

The latter case is definitely a situation where contacting a residential electrician to undertake a circuit breaker upgrade makes so much sense. That’s because you might be looking at breaker box repair without having the work performed, with perhaps also having electrical panel upgrades as part of the overall package.

Amping it Up

The number of amps in one of your circuits will be able to handle from 15 to 20, but it’s unlikely that many people pay attention to such numbers. That could cause problems that result in a fire, which could turn a festive time of year into one that brings about sadness or destruction. A simple way to avoid such a problem is by having a circuit breaker upgrade done.

Circuit Breaker Concerns

Regardless of which approach you take, it’s essential that the circuit breakers for Christmas lights you have in place can handle the electrical load. While it’s always convenient to simply plug as much as you can into a single outlet, that’s a recipe for breaker box repair that will have you calling a residential electrician to fix the problem.

One reason why many people over the years have stuck with basic Christmas lighting is because of the electricity costs involved. Those concerns have largely been reduced in recent years because of the emergence of LED lighting, which can result in a steep drop in such costs. In addition, the chances of suffering a short-circuit will be reduced.

Potential Panel Problems

Another recent development is the development of technology that, in turn, requires added electricity. If this situation is already present in your home and you still want to ensure that the circuit breakers for Christmas lights can handle the added usage issues, then electrical panel upgrades are the best route to take.

Without panel upgrades, the efficiency of your electrical power is likely to be compromised and can be a constant source of aggravation at a time that you should be feeling jolly. Those homeowners who are living in older residences should think strongly about this since it’s likely that such upgrades have become imperative.

Warning Signs Emerge

You’d like to get your Christmas lights up as soon as possible in order to deliver maximum impact for a time frame that amounts to roughly a month. There are warning signs will likely emerge once you put them up that can point out the need for a circuit breaker upgrade that will eliminate the fear of an expensive and needless breaker box repair.

If the lights you’re using are either flickering or dimming or you’re hearing crackling or buzzing noises, the clock begins ticking more loudly about contacting a residential electrician. The longer you wait, the more of a risk you’re taking and the final repair bill you have is one that will cause you indigestion.

Choosing the Best Path

Sitting back and enjoying your Christmas lights is easy to do when you have J&B Electrical Services addressing those matters. Our licensed electricians can make sure that the level of circuit breakers for Christmas lights you need can handle the load, offering you and your family invaluable peace of mind.

J&B electricians can also handle electrical panel upgrades or make any repairs or replacements in that area. We want you to get total fulfillment from the holiday season, so if you want to start the process, make sure to give us a call at 817-266-5499 or simply fill out our online form.

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