Before you tear down walls and rip up carpet, consider throwing a new light on your remodeling plans. For a much smaller investment, we can illuminate decorating possibilities in any room with a recessed lighting installation designed to fit your home. From subtle LED lighting in the living room to bright configurations in the kitchen, we offer a brilliant array of options.

Recessed Style and Focused Function

Unlike traditional ceiling fixtures that cast unflattering shadows, recessed lighting creates a soft, ambient glow. Our installations complement all decor styles with a beautiful radiance. They set inviting moods in dining rooms, control brightness around entertainment centers and spotlight culinary kitchen adventures. Recessed fixtures open up small rooms and lighten up tight corners without sacrificing space. If you have a special display cabinet, we can install recessed fixtures that shine a light on your favorite things.

Smart Radiance With LED Lighting

Customers often ask us about the advantages of recessed LED lights as these installations cost more than traditional lighting. Incandescent bulbs are being phased out, and fluorescent arrays work best in task-centered areas like kitchens and offices. LEDs have a long operational life and consume very little energy, so your investment quickly pays off. The lightweight bulbs are unobtrusive and ideal for recessed designs. If you enjoy creating an atmosphere with adjustable lighting, LEDs eliminate the flickering that often results from dimmer switch connections.


Recessed Lighting Installation

Areas We Serve in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area:

Professional Recessed Lighting Installation

Our job revolves around advising you on the best lighting choices, so our team factor room size, ceiling height and desired location into initial design plans. We recommend an appropriate mix of focused beams and wide-angle lighting to make the most of your space. Our licensed technicians confirm the integrity of existing wiring and prepare your electrical system for any additional amperage load. We also offer affordable repair services and LED conversions. Our professional lighting installations add beauty to your rooms and value to your home.

When you’re ready for a switch to recessed lighting, we’re here with smart design ideas, a great selection of affordable options and quality workmanship. If you’re building a new home or office, our teams help you make bright decisions that blend attractive style with energy-saving function. We bring years of experience to residential and commercial projects, so contact us today. We’re always ready to light up your world.