Residential Electrician in Burleson, Texas

For residents and businesses located in Burleson, TX, the selection process when it comes to find quality and trustworthy electrician services is actually a simple endeavor. That’s because with more than two decades worth of experience behind us, J&B Electrical Services fits the bill perfectly. The combination of providing quality service and offering competitive prices for our work helps breed loyalty with our customer base.

Residential Matters

While homeowners would prefer to avoid having to contact a residential electrician, contacting J & B to handle the job is the right plan of attack for citizens of Burleson. The issue might be related to outlets that aren’t working, wiring concerns that can be dangerous or equipment that simply has outlived its usefulness. Some of the ways that our experienced and fully licensed residential electrician handles those matters include:

  • Carefully looking over panel boxes to detect any potential dangers
  • Stopping the annoyances of breakers that frequently trip
  • Saving money with energy-efficient lighting upgrades from fluorescent to LED
  • Inside recessed or outside landscape lighting that offers a different image for your home
  • Installing a ceiling fan to combat those brutally hot Texas summers

Commercial Concerns

Business can grind to a halt very quickly without consistent electricity around to make things hum. That’s why even before any problems develop, it’s a good idea to have a commercial electrician in Burleson that’s eminently trustworthy get a look at potential problem areas for that business.

These electrician services may seem like a waste of time to some, but if they prevent a shutdown or can spot a minor issue before it becomes a major one, that means the bottom line ends up looking a great deal better. Our commercial electrician knows all the ins and outs when it comes to the requirements related to the compliance code.

The services we offer commercial businesses takes into account your business hours and works around them. Being the professionals we are, the job that’s performed doesn’t try to drag things out or add in pointless additions to pad your bill. We get right to work and do it right. Just to make sure things are back to normal once we’ve completed our work, we make sure to check back with our customers so that nothing is left to chance. Some of the variety of jobs that we handle include:

  • Upgrading your electrical services from aluminum to copper wiring
  • Handling commercial signage issues that prevent nighttime awareness of your business
  • Dealing with the complicated aspects of branch wiring
  • Helping drop electricity costs through installation of LED lighting
  • Reducing stress about electrical problems with emergency service around the clock

J & B Electrical Offers Peace of Mind

As a locally owned and operated company, J & B Electrical Services can’t afford to give our customers anything less than our best effort when it comes to electrician services. That’s because there’s no upper management in a distant city that we can push off your concerns to, which means that we value every customer that takes the time to contact us.

That sort of integrity, coupled with the commitment to making sure that we live up to our word is a key reason for our longevity in this competitive business. Since word of mouth is one of the best ways to gauge just how good a business is, we’re more than happy to offer references upon request.

One of the ways we make a concerted effort to build on that success is by offering a 10 percent discount to all of our new customers in Burleson. We don’t mind making that sort of investment because we know that once these individuals see the value they receive from our efforts, they’ll join our happy clientele.

So if you’re a homeowner in need of a residential electrician or a business that requires the expertise of a commercial electrician, we have you covered either way. Contact us today by calling (817) 266-5499.


J&B Electrical offers residential and commercial electrical services in Arlington, TX; electrical services in Mansfield, TX; Burleson, TX; and electrical services in Midlothian, TX.