The operation of virtually any business demands a consistent electrical system, with commercial electrical wiring a much more complicated process than that required for a single home. That’s because electrical wiring in business encompasses a wide array of considerations that affect both employees and customers or clients.

Yet it’s rare that any commercial entity has the know-how or training to understand exactly what works best for their situation. That’s why hiring a licensed commercial electrician in Arlington is the simplest approach to addressing this concern, allowing the business owner and staff to focus on day-to-day operations.

Ready From the Start

Tackling the issues connected to electrical wiring in business begins long before the first sale takes place, your commercial electrician in Arlington can serve as a consultant in the planning and design to make sure everything is covered. This includs both the construction of a new office or store as well as the remodeling of those structures.

Lighting Concerns

Commercial electrical wiring obviously is important in the area of lighting, yet there are may different aspects to consider. For example, both indoor and outdoor lighting will be required, yet the choices available mean looking at the best lighting system for your needs. This array of options includes, fluorescent, HID, incandescent, LED and low voltage.

The type of lighting needed varies as well and includes these installation considerations:

  • Display
  • Exterior Flood
  • Landscape
  • Recessed
  • Site
  • Store Fixture
  • Track


The installations listed below are where having that licensed commercial electrician can expedite matters:

  • Automated and Manual Dimmer Switches
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Light Fixtures
  • Motion Sensor/Photo Control-Timer cCntrol and Automated Switching
  • Outlets and Standard Switches


An electrician working with commercial businesses has the expertise to handle your wiring matters, which can be integral to achieving success for companies. No one thinks twice about the presence of phones, computers or other technology, yet without being properly set up, those items become useless.

Wiring matters can be handled regarding:

  • Computer, Data and Networks
  • Phone/Fax Machines
  • POS Machines
  • Speakers
  • Technology and Telecommunications in General


The role of circuits and circuit breakers, along with ground fault safety devices are rarely considered until a breakdown takes place or replacement is required. Besides the obvious lighting concerns, circuits for appliances and sump pumps are vital for the smooth operation of a business.

Checking All the Boxes

In addition, hidden or out-of-the-way places might not get a great deal of attention, but won’t be overlooked by your electrician. Some particular areas in this realm include the electrical baseboard and supplemental heating areas, as well as the roof heating cables that prevent icing during those more frigid periods.

Repairs and Oversight

Finally, basic maintenance and repairs can help extend the life of items or get them back up and running. This might include some troubleshooting, repair of short circuits or faults, detection of overloaded circuits or simple preventative maintenance. The design and installation of a standby generator might also be an option, while making sure your premises is safe and up to code is yet another value your electrician brings.

Go With the Pros 

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