When it comes to something like commercial outdoor sign installation, the array of different options that a business might consider can serve as a challenge. This particular marketing tool is something that doesn’t necessarily have to involve outdoor sign lighting, but the chance to promote a business around the clock is always an inviting proposition.


Where that commercial outdoor sign installation takes place is important and can involve different circumstances that have to be taken into consideration. It might be directly above a business or be located on top of a pole in the establishment’s parking lot. In the latter case, that will mean making sure that electricity is available nearby.

Staying Up to Code

Another factor that can be overlooked in such installations is working with the codes of a particular municipal jurisdiction. Being unaware of this area can either bring a retail sign installation to an immediate halt, which can end up negatively affecting a business until the issue is addressed.

Some of those communities may have different codes in place that differ from retail establishments in nearby towns. A business likely doesn’t have either the time nor the inclination to keep up with these concerns, meaning that working with a licensed electrician that’s well-versed in these matters is prudent.

Doing the Heavy Lifting

Other factors that come into play with outdoor sign lighting can often involve having to rent operating equipment that will be required to lift a heavy sign up above. In some cases, the need for a welder might end up being necessary and, of course, the person performing the installation should have the know-how that a commercial electrician brings to the job.

The Allure of the DIY Approach

In most cases, a commercial electrician will be able to handle a job and do it in a professional manner. However, the cost of a retail sign installation might be seen by a particular establishment as an unnecessary expense that can be better handled in a DIY fashion. That generally tends to happen because of the tight profit margins in such industries that put pressure on the bottom line.

The Neon Factor

The ease in just plugging in an small indoor neon sign is something that often leads to the misleading premise by some businesses that there’s no need to bring in a neon sign installer. The difference is a simple one, since simply finding an available socket can often be the only concern.

On the other hand, a licensed electrician should be the course of action taken for the outdoor version. This will ensure that a business gets the full lifespan out of its lighting, rather than having to undertake repairs because something was overlooked in the first place.

In addition, some signs of this nature have letters that can burn out more quickly than others. That problem has led to some unintentionally embarrassing moments that need someone with experience as a neon sign installer to work as quickly as possible. Doing so will help avoid a public relations debacle from mushrooming into total disaster.

The Only Option

Money can definitely be saved, at least in the short term, when DIY is the choice for outdoor sign lighting. Yet one simple call to J&B Electrical Services can help take care of the most cogent aspect of this equation. Knowing exactly what’s involved with a commercial outdoor sign installation from the electrical perspective can make life easier for a business.

So when the time arrives for an experienced commercial electrician that gets the job done, make sure to contact J&B Electrical. From our ability as a neon sign installer to retail sign installation and everything in between, J&B is the right choice. Contact us today at 817-266-5499 or fill out our online form. The peace of mind coming from our work is soothing.

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