The presence of a 220-volt outlet is often a visual indicator which indicates that a major appliance is part of a household.. It might be a refrigerator, an air conditioner or washer or dryer. All of these and more tend to get plenty of use, which results in the inevitable wear-and-tear that leads to a need for 220 outlet repair. For those who are moving into a new home or for those whose outlet is beyond repair, a new 220 outlet installation might be what’s needed.

The Prospect of 220 Outlet Troubleshooting

Homeowners can sometimes be leery of bringing in a licensed electrician to handle a 220v repair that’s perceived to be a minor problem. The mindset is usually to try some DIY 220 outlet troubleshooting and save the money, with this type of situation often emerging following a power failure or when only part of a home’s power has returned. In some cases, you may be able to handle that on your own.

However, the problem is that your knowledge of all aspects of this type of repair or the possible need for a new 220v installation or repair brings with it dangers. These go far beyond a simple shock and potentially catastrophic if a situation truly gets out of hand. The risk of a fire being sparked by an unintentional mistake or forgetting a single step of the 220v repair or installation process can lead to a home’s destruction and even death.

An Arduous Process

While major appliances require the need for 220v outlets, other smaller everyday items, such as a toaster or hair dryer, also fit within this category. Rather than overburden the available outlets for all the different items that fall within this realm, a homeowner can choose to have a 220v installation done. This again is something where the components can be purchased by the DIY homeowner, with things like an outlet box, circuit breaker and wiring on the list.

A proper 220 outlet installation begins with drilling holes in a wall to mount the outlet, with placement important. Once that’s completed, the installer needs a pair of hot wires and another one for grounding. Those wires need to be run to the breaker box, but when the circuit is added to that box, that’s when things can become difficult. Not doing things right here can require 220 outlet repair, which can be a costly mistake that would otherwise be avoided by working with a professional that handles these types of job.

A Risky Move to Take

One additional bit of danger to go along with damage to property or health risks is the possibility deals with a 220 outlet installation or repair that’s being performed by an individual who’s not a licensed electrician. In these instances, if any damage does occur as a result of that repair or installation, your insurance company may end up fighting your claims because they were not performed by a professional in the electrical field. That may seem like a minor point, but finding out after the fact that you aren’t covered can be devastating news to hear.

Going Through the Proper Channels

J&B Electric has the experience to quickly address your needs for both 220V installation and 220V repair. Our 220 outlet troubleshooting is never a guess and comes with a guarantee to perform quality work at a competitive price. So whether you need 220 outlet repair or installation, make sure you call J&B at 817-266-5499 or simply fill out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.