While many people have moved on from fluorescent lighting to the LED version, there are still plenty of homeowners who are still using the traditional model. For those individuals, the chores of ballast and bulb replacement remains a necessity, with some clear signs of a need for change clearly evident to the senses.

The reasons you might need a residential electrician in Arlington for these issues can go in many different directions. The lighting could be flickering, a delay might exist before a light comes on or a buzzing sound can be heard. In some instances, a smell that resembles burnt tar might be the cause and is a problem that’s best handled by professionals.

Not Quite That Simple

When a homeowner hears of the need for light bulb replacement, the idea of hiring an electrician for the job seems like an absurd notion. Those who require a light ballast replacement might not even be aware of what that process involves. That head-scratching moment offers even more evidence of why calling for a residential electrician in Arlington from J&B Electric is always the wisest course of action.

In the area of wattage, there can be a motivation to simply put in a higher-watt bulb under the belief that a room will become brighter. Yet that can end up doing some extensive damage to the equipment involved, making you light bulb replacement an expensive mistake.

The Challenges of Ballast Replacement

Making sure the ballast is in good working order means ensuring that the electrical current being sent to the lighting is delivering the right amount of voltage. Without this vital component in place, the uncontrolled current would quickly cause the light to burn out.

Light ballast replacement can conceivably be done by a handyman, yet it’s not something that should be under consideration. The reason is that a series of important steps have to be followed in order for any possible dangers can be eradicated. Among these are the relatively simple tasks of making sure that the circuit breaker has been turned off or the light in question unplugged.

That marks only one aspect of the job, with complications a possibility due to the fact that the different ballast manufacturers have different attachment methods. A licensed electrician will know exactly what’s involved when it concerns ballast and bulb replacement, while you might have to engage in a guessing game when using that handyman.

In addition, the multiple wires for any ballast have to be connected exactly right or you’ll either find yourself without needed lighting or in danger of a potential fire. Nether prospect is something that a homeowner wants to contemplate and reinforces the value of professionals handling such important tasks.

Time Constraints and Other Factors

The nuances involved with simply doing such work don’t even make the effort to consider that the homeowner may not have the time or the inclination to do the job. If they possess the right level o skepticism toward using a handyman for such jobs, that leaves only one alternative: hiring a residential electrician in Arlington from J&B Electric.

Choosing Right

J&B has seasoned professionals with the experience to handle any ballast and bulb replacement you’re seeking. That level of knowledge has been the byproduct of over two decades worth of experience, an era in which quality customer service is one of the basic tenets that we adhere to on a daily basis.

So whether it’s light bulb replacement, light ballast replacement or any other electrical service concern you might have, give us a call at 817-266-5499 or just fill out our online form. Peace of mind is always something to treasure and J&B is ready to help you achieve that reassurance. We look forward to hearing from you.