Children are treasures to behold, though their curiosity and innocence can sometimes result in damage to a home or even tragedy involving them or other loved ones. Those concerns are perfect reasons why the decision to install childproof outlets should be one of the hallmarks of electrical outlet safety that every home should follow.

Some homeowners feel that having a plastic plug cover will handle the job, but that opens up the chance that a young child could choke on it. For those considering a move in the near future, a childproof outlet installation may end up paying for itself, if the home buyer also has small children that need to be protected.

Key Reasons for These Types of Outlets

Having a residential electrician in Arlington for any childproof outlet installation is always the wisest course of action to take when considering potential home dangers. These tamper-proof electrical outlets will help avoid shocks and burns to unsuspecting children and those adults who don’t take into consideration the possible dangers of their decision.

Childproof outlets are needed because of the aforementioned curiosity that every child possesses. It’s estimated that one out of every three-outlet accidents is the direct result of children ill-advisedly inserting some sort of object. It might be a set of keys, a knife or maybe their mother’s nail file or hairpin. Regardless of what’s used, if they manage to avoid being hurt, they still might cause damage which means having repairs done by your residential electrician in Arlington.

Any home with pets like a frisky dog or cat would also benefit from having tamper-proof electrical outlets installed. After all, keeping a constant watch on your pet for such potential dangers is no way to enjoy life, plus, you won’t have the luxury of having the pet ask if what they’re doing is safe.

Covering the Entire Spectrum

That type of electrical outlet safety isn’t the top priority of families with younger children, which is why when you install childproof outlets, you essentially take care of all your safety concerns at once. Any childproof outlet installation can be done by a handyman, but it’s best left to licensed professionals who perform such tasks on a frequent basis.

Low-Cost and Simple

Childproof outlets are inexpensive, even though that’s certainly not the most important reason for having them installed. They certainly look much like the standard outlet, though a closer view offers some of the ways that these two outlets differ, beginning with the cover plates.

The plates have spring-loaded receptacles that make it impossible for anyone, child or adult, to insert anything that may damage, injure or kill that person. Simply applying the usual amount of pressure that’s usually done with a standard outlet is the only requirement involved. Everyone’s dealt at some with the frustration that’s involved with child-protection items, with none of that present in this instance.

In addition, the slots for any standard receptacle will look to be open, while tamper-proof electrical outlets are the complete opposite and will have a closed appearance. That simple minor aspect might not seem significant, but anytime the safety of a child might be involved, it becomes very significant.

Embracing Protection

J & B Electrical Services in Arlington has the necessary experience and reputation when you’re seeking to install childproof outlets. The residential electrician in Arlington that we send out will handle the job in a prompt fashion, do the work right the first time and at a competitive price.

Saving money by having a handyman perform this type of job should never be your approach to electrical outlet safety. So when you need child proof outlets installed or any other electrical work performed, just contact J&B at 817-266-5499 or simply fill out our online form and we’ll get started.