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One of the casually accepted facets of modern life is the presence of electricity within a home or commercial structure. The idea of going back to more primitive times through the use of candles isn’t something the vast majority of people would ever consider. Yet before inhabiting these areas, the property in question has to be in electrical code compliance. 

electrical code compliance inspections

All Inspections Aren’t Equal

Individuals that purchase homes are very much in need of having electrical inspections conducted. These should be performed in a rigorous fashion to ensure that everything is in order. However, the sad reality is that in some cases, what turns out to be substandard work from a residential electrician is often dismissed by an inspector who isn’t code-certified. 

That can often be the case when looking at the work of a commercial electrician as well. Any Arlington electrical contractor who’s looking to cut costs to the bone will usually choose someone to perform electrical inspections whose certification is likely lacking. That approach can end up costing a home buyer plenty down the road. 

The reason that such inspectors don’t bother to get certified is because they need to adhere to the exhaustive National Electric Code guidelines. That includes local nuances that differ from federal guidelines, which are seen as too much of a bother. This is especially true when it involves awareness of an update of certain guidelines.

The Value of Proper Wiring

It doesn’t really matter whether a residential electrician or commercial electrician is on the job, proper wiring is an absolute necessity. The chief reason stems from the simple fact that shoddy work in this area can literally have life-threatening consequences due to the possibility of fire. 

There’s no way to put a price on a human life, but other financial ramifications can result from not having a home up to code. If only property damage results from that fire, the expectation is that fire insurance will cover at least a portion of the repairs. However, having such work performed improperly or with an eye toward skirting that code could result in a refusal to compensate you for your losses.

Taking the Right Steps

Simple electrical code compliance by an Arlington electrical contractor could be as basic as making sure that the proper number of outlets are in place. Yet in most instances, the many different uses of individual rooms require a much broader approach to keeping in compliance. 

One example is that both the kitchen area and especially the bathroom need to have GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets in place. The simple reason is because the constant presence of water requires added protection rather than simple outlet installation. Proper grounding also offers protection from inevitable events such as a short circuit or a power surge.

The Right Choice

Any investment in a home, whether it’s the purchase of a new or existing residence or involves a remodeling project, needs to be protected. Entrusting J&B Electrical Services for an electrical code compliance inspection will ensure that any electrical inspections conducted by our residential electrician are done right. 

J&B can also provide a commercial electrician for businesses in need of such assistance. The peace-of-mind the comes from knowing this is being addressed by a licensed Arlington electrical contractor is the sort of investment that will be sure to pay off.

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