The value of having a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installed in key parts of a home or business can provide benefits and conveniences that are bolstered by the safety considerations involved. These have been required since 1973 in one form or another in order to avoid the inevitable hazards that can develop from an electrical shock.

The Value of a GFCI

GFCI outlets (also known as a residual current device) are specifically designed to be installed generally where water can cause a short circuit. This means near a sink, which might be in a bathroom or kitchen, or perhaps a garage, and are notable by the (usually black and red) “Test” and “Reset” buttons that are clearly indicated on them.

The Dangers Involved

Regardless of the surroundings, any quality GFCI installation takes into account that potential for getting shocked. Such shocks can occur when the current surging through a power source is leaking, with normal GFCI operation shutting the power off to avoid such a problem.

There are plenty of online tips available across the internet, along with home improvement stores offering their services when it comes to GFCI installation. However, with the former, you’re dealing with information that may or may not be accurate, given the vagaries of the internet.

Meanwhile, the latter circumstance offers assistance from someone who is more of a handyman than an actual electrician. That’s a distinction that’s vitally important in this department, and the less expensive choice isn’t always the best option.

A Dicey Option

Some DIY-inclined individuals might try and avoid the cost of a GFCI repair altogether by doing some troubleshooting on their own. However, the issue can potentially be life-threatening if that person isn’t aware of all the conceivable consequences involved.

Given that you’re dealing with electrical current in this situation, the level of danger attached to any such repair increases markedly. That’s especially true for individuals who have a tendency to use the terms “breaker” and “circuit” interchangeably when assessing GFCI outlets. That’s an indication that they aren’t completely aware of the differences involved, something that can cause major problems for the amateur electrician.

Another factor that comes into play with an inexperienced hand providing the service in this area is that the wiring needs to be precise in order to be effective. Proper training in this area means quick handling of that concern, while confusion may reign with someone with someone simply troubleshooting.

An Easy Test

Regardless of how you handle such things, it’s best to check the aforementioned “Test” button approximately once a month to make sure that the current is consistent. A failure in this area means getting in touch with someone with experience in GFCI repair that can quickly address the issue and offer pertinent advice at the same time.

Placing Your Trust in Our Experience

The experienced staff at J&B Electrical Services fits the bill in that category, with more than two decades of experience in the field. We can repair, replace or upgrade outlets to fit your needs, and any GFCI installation we perform is handled in a professional manner, with safety always at the forefront.

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