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Being a homeowner is difficult when you do not understand the ins and outs of things like your home’s electrical system and do not know the benefits of why you would need home electrical inspections. Regardless, we try to take the worry out of electrical issues for residential customers everyday in more way than one. If you are looking for home electrical inspections and services in the Arlington, Mansfield, Midlothian, and Burleson, Texas areas, J&B is the solid choice.

Naturally, getting the best services for your home is important due to the fatal nature of improperly installed residential electrical components. On top of that, getting properly documented inspection and electrical repairs services can save you money in the long run.


electrical inspections

When your electricity needs replaced or upgraded

Have you noticed that if you run one appliance it will trip the breaker in the circuit box for another one? In these cases, you could have an issue with the electrical system in your home being outdated. Over the decades, our need for electricity has increased, but older systems may have been installed during time periods where wattage was limited. In short, to run the microwave at the same time as a garbage disposal or a blender, your home will need to have more electricity wired up in one room and possibly a new circuit breaker installed. This sounds involved, but takes less than an hour and leaves almost no mess because electrical replacement does not always need to be an involved process.

When insurance companies need pros for electrical repairs and renovations

Obviously, when your home has been damaged in some way, it could affect the electrical system and your insurance company will want you to hire a pro to get it fixed. For instance, plumbing problems or a roof leak can cause moisture to get trapped in the wall. If there is a pinhole prick in the casing around electrical cords within the wall, it can cause disruption with appliances or an outlet to stop working. Other electrical repairs include damage from wiring and fuses that get blown out due to electrical storms. In addition to hiring a company that will do the repairs correctly, you will also want a pro electric company that is professional when dealing with your homeowner’s insurance company.

How electrical repair and upgrading works

When we inspect your home, we can isolate what types of repairs or replacements can be made to give you a better understanding of what your expectations can be. For example, many people believe that in order to improve the electricity in their home, they will need to rip apart walls and ceilings. Instead, many of the repairs take place with sophisticated installation equipment using existing electrical outlets and do not require drywall replacement or painting. For these reasons, many homeowners find that electrical upgrade or replacements cost far less than they originally expected. One of the main reasons the budget can be lower than years past is due to reduced labor costs because of newer technology.

Benefits of a standard inspection

Although many homeowners will hire electrical inspection services for home electrical inspections companies when they buy or sell their home, there are other good reasons to get a standard inspection. Namely, there could be potential problems that are avoided by detecting them before they cause fatalities. In general, catching an electrical issue and fixing the issue with proper documentation is a good reason for homeowner’s insurance companies to lower your rates. Also, in some cases, fixing electrical issues can lengthen the life of appliances because an improper power supply causes the motors to work harder.

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When you need help with electric inspections, repairs, upgrades or replacements, J&B Electrical Services is here to serve. We cover the Arlington, Mansfield, Midlothian, and Burleson, Texas areas and can have an electrician help you in an emergency situation. To get started, contact us and speak to one of our friendly staff. We look forward to meeting you for an inspection and we thank you again for choosing us.

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