The soothing waters of a hot tub help offer a sense of comfort and can often help ease the aches and pains that come with everyday life. For many homes that might be considering a hot tub installation in the near future, it helps to have a solid grasp of all the particulars involved.

Wiring Concerns

When it comes to hot tub wiring, the usual choice is hot tub electrical service of 240-volts. That’s because the hot tub will be able to heat up much more quickly than the 120-volt option. One of the reasons is due to the inability of the 120-volt selection to handle running both the heater and pump at the same time. One can’t run until the other turns off, which naturally extends the process.

In some cases, a resident may find that they don’t have the capacity when it comes to electrical service for any hot tub installation. Choosing to do such things on your own is a decision that’s fraught with danger, which is one good reason to consider letting J & B Electrical Services handle the job.

Such dangers were never more evident than in September 2015, when the hot tub wiring done for by a California homeowner helped ignite a catastrophic wildfire, resulting in four deaths and $57 million to extinguish. A later investigation discovered that the electrical circuit installed was not up to professional standards.

The Hazards of Electrical Hookups

Equally dangerous can be attempting a hot tub electrical hookup on your own, instead of calling on J & B Electrical. Understanding all of the nuances involved with these concerns is vitally important, since knowing how to integrate an amp breaker with a home’s main panel can often be a dicey proposition.

Professional electricians are constantly updating their skills, so when it comes to a hot tub, they’ll be equipped to do such things as wiring the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). That installation has specific space designations involved, which means taking that into account along with all of the other aspects of this work.

In a number of cases, this type of work requires the obtaining of a building permit from the local municipality. Such entities may be reluctant to issue one for the amateur DIY aficionado who wants to attempt the work on their own. In contrast, professional electricians like J & B Electrical already have such permits in place.

Making the Right Choice

Given the dangers involved with hot tub wiring and the time required when it comes to a hot tub installation, it makes much more sense to simply contact J & B Electrical Service to make sure the job is done right. Their hot tub electrical work comes with a level of integrity that makes sure that any issue that develops is promptly addressed. So when you’ve decided that it’s time for a hot tub, make sure to contact J & B Electrical.

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