7 Common Home Electrical Problems to Watch Out For

electrical issuesThe electricity that flows within a home is something that comes with the standard expectations for its residents, which usually means that it’s taken for granted. However, when an electrical problem develops, the desire to get it fixed as quickly as possible becomes the paramount focus.

That involves a call for a residential electrician who can provide the type of electrical services you need to get back to normal. In order to stay ahead of the situation and avoid the type of steep electrical repair bills that make homeowners cringe, listed below are seven home electrical problems to be aware of in your everyday life.

Warm Switches and Fixtures

One quick touch of a switch or fixture can allow you to make a quick assessment of this potential problem. The reason for this unwanted buildup of heat is that the wiring that’s currently in place is outdated and needs to be replaced. Calling for electrical services of this nature is infinitely better than allowing a potential safety hazard to continue unabated.

Flickering Lights

Even someone with absolutely no training can detect the presence of electrical issues when the lights in a room start to flicker. That means that something is loose along the circuit, something that can easily be handled by a residential electrician and avoided by anyone who considers themselves a DIY handyman.

Short Lifespan for Light Bulbs

While you may be using your lights a great deal, they could be getting replaced even more than you expected. It’s possible that low-quality bulbs are the reason, though it’s more likely that the circuit wiring or the socket connections are the source of this annoyance, an issue your electrician can handle.

Too Few Outlets

The onslaught of electrical devices that have entered the marketplace in the past two decades often need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The problem is that those are usually already spoken for by other devices, which can mean the use of power strips, something that could result in an overload. Having new outlets installed by a professional electrician helps alleviate this problem.

The Death of an Outlet

While no funeral is required for this issue, it’s very likely that additional wiring issues might be the culprit in this case. Having electrical repair done can address this concern and can also handle another possible reason for this development: a breaker tripping in order to avoid a situation where the outlets wires get overheated.

Tripping Breakers

The issue concerning breakers can become a frequent problem in various parts around the home. If that frequency has increased, it’s a clear sign that your circuits are overloaded and need to be upgraded since the alternative is to ignore the problem and risk a potential fire within the home.

Cheap Wiring

You may be living in a home that was built when the decision was made to save some money by using aluminum wiring instead of copper. The problem is that corrosion can be a problem, which results in a loosening of electrical connections and lays the groundwork for a potential fire.

The Easy Choice

J&B Electrical Services is ready to tackle your electrical problem, which may include a replacement or upgrade. We offer more than two decades worth of electrical repair experience to the Metroplex market and are available around the clock. We want to be the residential electrician you call and can offer a 10 percent discount to first-time customers. So contact us when you’re having electrical issues in your home.


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