What To Do If Your Electrical Outlets Get Warm or Hot to the Touch

hot electrical outletHaving electricity flow through a home is often something that’s taken for granted, given the ease that comes with simply plugging a device into an electrical outlet. However, a certain level of danger exists when that outlet is either warm or hot when touched by anyone, since it could be a precursor to disaster.

Such uncertainty can result in plenty of questions being asked by a homeowner in order to avoid the dangers of fire enveloping a residence. Taking the following steps can help quickly determine if you’re in need of electrical wiring repair from a residential electrician:

Unplug From the Outlet

Simply unplugging each device and then waiting an hour or two should allow you to make a determination if a call to a licensed electrician may be required. Due to the fact that some devices, like a cordless drill or a printer, have an internal transformer that allows for the voltage input to adapt to a particular product, the outlet can feel warmer than usual. After a certain period of time, the outlet should cool off.

Checking for Overload

The sheer number of different devices being used during the course of a day means that some people have to resort to power strips to accommodate all of their usage. That can result in plenty of heat coming from the outlet, something that can be ominous if ignored. By unplugging some of the items and using a different outlet, you’ll be able to determine if any current issue exists and whether a call to a residential electrician is required.

Consider Wiring Issues

Within the outlet or the switch, there may be a problem in connection with loose terminals. This is something that brings about more heat due to the electricity that still continues to surge, though it very well could dictate electrical wiring repair is necessary. Putting any such repairs off should never be a consideration because of the potential for the heat to develop into a potential fire.

Look for Wear and Tear

One of the reasons that wiring might be the problem is that the wires currently in use have been there for years. After a certain period of time, the ravages of age and the wear and tear that comes with frequently-used outlets mean that a call to a licensed electrician should be in order. They’ll be able to give a realistic assessment of what needs to be done, with any wires installed by a professional that knows what they’re doing.

Out-of-Date Breakers and Fuses

Those living in older homes may not have taken steps in the past to update their electrical needs, which means that the size of either the breaker or fuse might be in sync with the most current technology. That’s something that can directly affect the wires and potentially lead to a fire, which obviously means that prompt attention should be directed to making sure that an update is undertaken.

The Right Choice

J & B Electrical Services regularly deals with electrical wiring repair and has a licensed electrician ready to not only assess your situation, but fix it as well. We’ve been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over two decades and have established a stellar reputation among our many loyal customers. Electrical issues are problems that can be fraught with danger, especially if you try to fix things on your own. Therefore, contact a residential electrician from J & B Electric Services and let us keep you and your family safe.


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