What Is the Most Energy-Efficient Lighting for Your Home or Business?

lighting for your homeOne of the fixed costs for any home or business comes when the monthly electric bill arrives. The need to keep this cost under control is something that can often be a burden to anyone struggling with a tight budget, which is why the concept of energy-efficient lighting makes so much sense.

Depending on the scope of such changes, any business or home lighting installation may be better served by having a residential electrician handle the job. That’s because they have a strong background in the inner workings of such projects, which sometimes become more dangerous if that installation involves an older structure.

For a homeowner or someone who owns a business, the standard incandescent bulbs that have evolved from the bygone days of Thomas Edison have not only become impractical, but also increasingly tough to find. In their place comes two specific options which can each deliver the type of energy-efficient lighting that brings more value to the upfront investment.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting

The aforementioned budgets for a business or home that are tighter than usual will likely lean in the direction of having these bulbs installed. The value that comes from using compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) bulbs is that this you won’t see any reduction in the light they receive. Yet you’ll still use an estimated 60 percent less energy than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Adding up your current yearly energy costs and then reducing it by that percentage has the potential to yield real savings that can re-direct such money to more important areas. One rule of thumb when it comes to this type of business or home lighting installation is that you can take the amount of time standard bulbs last and multiply it by 10 to get an idea of the time frame for any replacement.

Given those benefits, the only drawback is that the CFL bulbs will be more expensive than the incandescent ones. However, the extended life of each bulb pushes back having to pay for new lighting on a more frequent basis.

Light Emitting Diode Lighting

Even more energy can be saved when the investment comes with light emitting diode (LED) lighting. In this case, the estimated reduction in a monthly bill will be 85 percent of what standard bulbs deliver. Using the same sort of math with CFL’s, multiply the time a traditional bulb lasts by 35 and you’ll have an idea of how the changing of such lights becomes much more of a rarity.

In some areas of a home or business, lighting can be more vulnerable to breaking. One way to reduce the odds of that happening is to have LED’s installed since they bring more durability, yet are able to maintain their lighting capability at a lower energy rate. In addition, these bulbs emit only small amounts of heat, which makes touching them a much safer proposition.

The lone drawback with an LED light is the cost, which is even more expensive than the CFL variety. Still, considering exactly how long this type of lighting remains in operation and the energy-reduction benefits it brings along, it’s certainly a viable investment.

The Residential Electrician to Trust

So when your project involves a home lighting installation, it’s important to remember that J & B Electrical Services has an extensive background as a residential electrician. Of course, we’re also equipped to handle businesses and offer replacement or repair of any units for both, along with any energy-efficient lighting upgrades. So make sure to contact us today.


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