The need for a 240-volt electrical outlet has always been a reality for homes with some age on them as well as residences that simply put major appliances to use within them. When it comes to 240 outlet installation or repair, the scope of the job is really something that should be the province of a licensed electrician and not your discount handyman.

Just one look at a 240 outlet will show that it’s larger than the standard one seen around the house. That larger size has to handle more electricity, so it makes sense that it be more visible. In short, any 240 outlet repair in Arlington is more of a Texas-sized issue in comparison to an outlet for your bedroom lamp.

Looking Into the Future

Within the past decade, your typical licensed electrician has become an important consideration for those who have embraced the electric car movement. That’s because an addition to any electrician’s resume should now include possessing the skills to install Tesla charger in garage surroundings.

Electric cars offer the capability to save plenty in fuel costs over the course of a year. However, if you’re unable to find someone to install Tesla charger in garage or other outside areas, all you have in your possession is an expensive prop that’s useless.

A Quick Look at the Process

A 240-volt outlet installation, when it’s professionally done, begins in simple fashion with pinpointing the best spot and then clearing the area. Cutting drywall, drilling holes and properly wiring the breaker box and installing the outlet box and receptacle are the next tasks that follow.

Potential Mistakes

That process can often be a challenge for either a DIY person or that inexpensive handyman nearby, which translates into potential mistakes along the way. Even one mistake may be enough to require 240 outlet repair in Arlington, an expensive and needless hit to your family budget.

Some of the areas where mistakes can take place deal with proper wiring. It’s questionable whether or not that handyman is up to date when it comes to the National Electric Code (NEC), which makes clear that the breaker rating and wire size must match. Also, that person may be inclined to use stranded wire because it’s convenient, but that’s something that should only be used for plugs or extension cord connectors.

Safety Matters

Of course, even more important than simply trying to avoid the mistakes that might take place during a 240-volt outlet installation are the safety considerations that need to be addressed. Simply turning off the main breaker during a 240 outlet installation doesn’t eliminate utility service line power, which could conceivably lead to tragic consequences.

Supply Concerns

Another factor that points to the wisdom of using professionals for either installation or repair relates to the the supplies needed for such an endeavor. While the average homeowner will presumably have a screwdriver and pliers available, the possibility of also having things like a voltage tester or wire stripper available seems less likely.

Making the Right Decision 

J&B Electrical Services has a licensed electrician available when it’s time for a 240-volt outlet installation. That individual can also help when you’re looking for 240 outlet repair in Arlington and brings with them the professionalism to arrive promptly and perform the task at hand as quickly and safely as possible.

While you may never have the need to have someone install Tesla charger in garage, it’s good to know that J&B is so accessible. Contact us by phone at 817-266-5499 or by checking out our website, whether it involves a 240 outlet installation, repair or any other electrical concern. We’re here to help.