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Anyone who’s bought or sold a home or business knows that one of the absolutes in the process is to have either a home electric code inspection or commercial electric code inspection performed. Doing this helps ensure that the home or business is safe to inhabit and not a potential danger that will put the new owner at risk, whether it’s yourself or the purchaser.

The Need for Inspection

One of the chief reasons for using an Arlington electrician to perform electrical code inspections is because the level of detail needed to understand all facets of the existing code can be mind-numbing to the average person. In contrast, an electrician in Arlington is well-versed in what’s involved in either commercial or home electrical inspections and can perform it in a prompt fashion.

There can be other reasons why you might want or need to have either a home electric code inspection or commercial electric code inspection performed. For instance, the home or structure might have been built before 1980, when such tight rules weren’t always in place. In addition, an expansion of any property or the addition of a major appliance to the home or business changes the equation and necessitates an inspection.

Inevitably, an electrician in Arlington performing electrical code compliance inspections will find some issues within a home or building. Many of these tend to be of a minor nature, while others can grind to a halt any transaction taking place. Without an Arlington electrician to address those concerns, you run the risk of seeing a sale or purchase abruptly end.

What’s Involved

These home electrical compliance inspections will uncover things like outdated breaker panels, circuit breakers that have two wires attached, exposed wiring and three-prong outlets that haven’t been properly grounded. The age of a home could mean that either a lack of protection for the wiring has made it vulnerable to potential disaster.

This type of inspection will also make sure that things like the proper wattage for light bulbs are evident and make an assessment of any hazards related to the potential for electrocution or shock. Additionally, the smoke or carbon monoxide detectors within a home will be tested and looked at to make sure that they’re properly placed.

Value Delivered

The reality of code inspections is that there’s no way to really avoid the process since insurance companies and lenders tend to take a dim view of any attempts to circumvent what needs to be done. Without them on board, there’s no way to move forward, which leads to frustration on both ends of a transaction.

Making the investment in having an inspection scheduled is invaluable, since most times, the minor issues it uncovers can keep the ball rolling on any property sale. In the event any major problems are uncovered, the fixes needed the figure to be much less expensive than any potential litigation that might ensue down the road.

The Only Call to Make

J&B Electrical Services can provide an Arlington electrician for any electrical code inspections you need or simply want for reassurance. A home electric code inspection is just one of the many jobs our electrician in Arlington and the surrounding area has been rigorously trained to perform.

So whether the need is for home electrical inspections or business requires a commercial electric code inspection, the one phone call you should make is to J&B at 817-266-5499. You can also fill out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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