Hiring an Electrician to Install an Electric Vehicle Charging Outlet

tesla-charger-installation-arlingtonHaving long since passed the concept phase, electric vehicles continue to make a greater dent when it comes to sales of these futuristic, and energy efficient vehicles. The economic factors involved obviously are a key reason for this impact and are something that will surely keep driving sales in the years ahead.

Tesla has put its stamp on the market over the past decade and is poised to become one of the leaders in the luxury vehicle market. This has led to buyers searching for a residential electrician in Arlington who has the skills necessary to efficiently handle a Tesla garage charger installation.

Breaking New Ground

Knowing how to install an electric vehicle charging outlet is a branch of the electrician skills department that’s still in its infancy. That means that choosing the standard handyman to be your home Tesla charging outlet installer likely means that you’ll be working with someone who doesn’t possess the requisite skills to get the job done right.

While most hybrids and lower-budget electric vehicles don’t possess a great deal of range, the same can’t be said for a Tesla, which can go hundreds of miles on a single charge. That means that a standard Level 1 installation won’t handle the job, and requires that your residential electrician in Arlington take on a 240 outlet installation.

A Different Challenge

Your home has plenty of large appliances that already require a 240 outlet, such as refrigerators or dryers. A 240 outlet installation in garage surroundings is a challenge that might stump that handyman or the DIY homeowner looking to save some money, given the steps that need to be carefully taken.

One basic reason why the use of a licensed and experienced electrician is best under these circumstances is that your breaker box may need to be completely replaced when you install an electric vehicle charging outlet. That’s not always the case, but having your home Tesla charging outlet installer inform you beforehand will save you headaches down the road.

A Tesla garage charger installation may also involve some tricky wiring issues that a professional is fully prepared to tackle. Throw in the tasks of securing the four-strand cable and ensuring that it’s properly insulated against damage from weather-related concerns and other factors and what seems like a simple 240 outlet installation becomes much murkier.

Protecting What’s Important

Any type of 240 outlet installation in garage facilities has to be done properly, because it’s helping to maintain a steep investment on your part. Instead of hundreds of dollars on an appliance, you’re talking about protecting something you’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars for that you don’t want to see ruined.

Choosing a residential electrician in Arlington has always offered any number of options. However, finding one with the versatility to serve as your home Tesla charging outlet installer doesn’t mean having to spend hours trying to find one and hoping that they can be trusted.

Going With the Professionals

That job to install an electric vehicle charging outlet is something that the professionals at J&B Electrical Services have the skills to handle. They know the difference between a standard 240 outlet installation and a 240 outlet installation in garage surroundings, especially one that’s connected to a Tesla garage charger installation.

So make sure to contact J&B for any of your electrical needs. Feel free to contact us by phone at 817-266-5499 or just fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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