What Is the Most Energy-Efficient Lighting for Your Home or Business?

lighting for your homeOne of the fixed costs for any home or business comes when the monthly electric bill arrives. The need to keep this cost under control is something that can often be a burden to anyone struggling with a tight budget, which is why the concept of energy-efficient lighting makes so much sense.

Depending on the scope of such changes, any business or home lighting installation may be better served by having a residential electrician handle the job. That’s because they have a strong background in the inner workings of such projects, which sometimes become more dangerous if that installation involves an older structure.

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How to Prepare for Fall with our Home Electrical Checklist

residential electrician arlingtonFall arrives each year in North Texas with some people prepared for the change in seasons and others falling behind in that task. High winds and other inclement weather might cause havoc with electricity. That’s why a residential electrician Arlington residents trust like J & B Electrical Services believes it makes sense to put together a checklist for all aspects of your home electrical system. Here are things to look at:

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5 Things to Know About Home Electrical Inspections

electrical inspectionsWhen it comes to having home electrical inspections conducted, their importance can’t be understated. That’s partly due to the fact that before the purchase of a home takes place, being able to detect any issues can avoid having to pay for costly repairs at a later date.

Those living in older homes, ones that have been refurbished and ones with a major new appliance may benefit greatly from having a residential electrician in Arlington check things out. Below are five things to keep in mind when it comes to a home electrical inspection:

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What to Do After Your Home is Struck by Lightning

storm surge inspectionFollowing up on our most recent blog post about what to do after storm related electrical damage, we wanted to add to it. Our north Texas springtime always thunders into summer with severe storms and tornado warnings. You almost get used to it, but when rain slams the roof and high winds shake the windows, you pay attention. Are you ready for a lightning strike? J&B Electrical sees residential damage caused by heavy storms and lightning every year. We want you to be safe, so we’ve put together this overview.

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What to Do After Storm Related Electrical Damage?

electrical surge repairThe state of Texas is known for having storms that can have a definite impact on people’s property, with some of the damage that’s inflicted affecting the electricity for that area. Unless that issue is addressed properly with electrical repairs, homeowners may be without power for a lengthy period of time.

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