What to Do After Your Home is Struck by Lightning

storm surge inspectionFollowing up on our most recent blog post about what to do after storm related electrical damage, we wanted to add to it. Our north Texas springtime always thunders into summer with severe storms and tornado warnings. You almost get used to it, but when rain slams the roof and high winds shake the windows, you pay attention. Are you ready for a lightning strike? J&B Electrical sees residential damage caused by heavy storms and lightning every year. We want you to be safe, so we’ve put together this overview.

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What to Do After Storm Related Electrical Damage?

electrical surge repairThe state of Texas is known for having storms that can have a definite impact on people’s property, with some of the damage that’s inflicted affecting the electricity for that area. Unless that issue is addressed properly with electrical repairs, homeowners may be without power for a lengthy period of time.

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How to Upgrade Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

The best exterior home improvements offer affordable options and real benefits with plenty of room for creative design. Professional outdoor landscape lighting across Mansfield and throughout the Metroplex brings bright ideas to the table that bathe your house in a brand new glow. With the help of an experienced master electrician and a little advanced planning, it’s easy and exciting to upgrade your yard with the latest in beautiful landscape lighting. Read more

How to Choose a Reliable Electrician in Arlington, TX

arlington tx electricianWhen the fuse box suddenly shorts out, you need a professional right away. If you’re thinking about installing recessed lighting or new ceiling fans, you want someone who helps finalize your plans. Both jobs require a combination of industry experience and specialized skills, so you want to choose the best electrical contractor in Arlington before you need him on the scene. How can you make that decision with confidence? Read more

How Do I Know When My Breaker Box Is Full?

electrical panelIf you plan on installing a hot tub or building a pool, you need to know that your home’s breaker box can handle the extra load. If you notice appliances aren’t operating at full capacity, you wonder if it’s time to upgrade the fuse box. Pulling more electricity into the house doesn’t always call for professional breaker box repair or replacement. There might be room for increased capacity in your breaker panel, but how can you be sure? Read more

What Kind of Panel Do You Have In Your Home?

breaker boxWhen was the last time you took a look at your panel (or breaker box)? If your home was built between the 60’s and 80’s and hasn’t been changed, chances are you could have a Federal Pacific panel. Recently a study was done on Federal Pacific panels and they were found to be extremely dangerous and a fire hazard. NBC news aired the dangers of Federal Pacific panels.

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